Doesn’t the 9th commandment say something about bearing false witness?

Why Evolution Is True

Sound familiar? Phil Zuckerman, a professor of sociology at Pitzer College in Claremont, CA, who studies the geography and sociology of atheism (he wrote Faith No More: Why People Reject Religion, Atheism and Secularity, and Society Without God), is asked to debate Christian author David Marshall at Adventure Christian Church in Sacramento.

The topic: “What provides a better foundation for civil society, Christianity or Secular Humanism?” Zuckerman, of course, took the secularist stand.

The preparation was arduous: months of work for everyone. And, as Zuckerman reports at PuffHo, everything was in order. They had agreed to film the debate and post it on Vimeo, and even provided the speakers with nice noms.

But then the unexpected happened: Zuckerman won.

You can imagine what happened next. As he reports:

And so we had the debate. And I won. Now, that’s not my opinion — its the opinion of…

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