Why Evolution Is True

Atheism is nothing more than a commitment to the most basic standard of intellectual honesty: One’s convictions should be proportional to one’s evidence. Pretending to be certain when one isn’t—indeed, pretending to be certain about propositions for which no evidence is even conceivable—is both an intellectual and a moral failing.  (Sam Harris, 2005)

I really don’t like to spend over an hour each morning criticizing poorly-argued essays against New Atheism written by atheists.  But I’ll do so if they appear on a reputable site or, if, as in this case, they make arguments that are seemingly novel.  What’s annoying about David V. Johnson’s piece, “A refutation of the undergraduate atheists, is that it appears on 3 Quarks Daily, a site that I thought was science friendly and dedicated to rational thought. The site had garnered a lot of prizes for its science and philosophy…

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