Chris Hadfield turns up at Hammersmith.

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As usual, about an hour before the first Hammersmith show, all became chaos. the afternoon had been a quiet one of propelling bottles in the audience using hydrogen and a cannon, seeing how many things could be set on fire securely, safely and with as big a flame as possible, working out the jazz/piano entrance of our secret astronaut, the humdrum normality. Once the acts started to arrive, the powerpoints piled up, the offstage banter about quarks increased, the bottles of mercury and poison clattered, the audience walked into the auditorium making that noise of chatter that suggests expectation but uncertainty. 

So for all those that asked, here is what happened from 7pm onwards.

It began with a laser harp, one so powerful you could light your cigarette off the beams (well you couldn’t of course, as there is no smoking indoors, just great big lasers), the harpists speedy playing…

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